I’m a winner!


Hours I’ve been awake today: 2
Cups of coffee I’ve had today: 2
Episodes of Mentalist watched today: 2
Pages of a novel read: 37
Hours studying for Monday’s exam: 0

So I am not having a very productive day so far, in fact, I have not been very productive this whole week. That despite the fact that I have 2 exams coming up next week, I have a very disorganised lounge/dining room as my rearranging it did not work out the way I saw it in my mind and I have a weight loss challenge with my dad that started on Tuesday and I’m only now trying to work out a healthy eating plan for it.

The only sparkle in my week so far is that I finally received my prize I won from Masterchef SA, Nederburg and Le Creuset!


I have wanted to start my Le Creuset collection for a couple of years now but just could not decide what colour range to go with and now my colour scheme has been chosen for me by Le Creuset themselves; Cerise.

It feels so great winning something, especially when it’s things you love, like Nederburg wine and Le Creuset!


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