Monthly Archives: January 2015

Everything is so crowded


I live in this very, very small flat. I have been living here going on 2 years now and the space is getting smaller and more suffocating as the months go by. I have been “reorganising” it basically since I moved in here, and after spending about 4 hours on Saturday, rearranging and shuffling my lounge furniture around, I have a half-way decent lay-out, which I am pretty sure I will be sick off in a couple of months.


This is just the lounge bit, behind the couch is a massive mess of disarray and thing that just does not want to fit into the space. I have already gotten rid of my dining room table and had moved my glass outside table inside, as our massive hail storms almost destroyed it one time, but I can just not get my space into any comfortable, flowing area. It’s very frustrating and fucking up the little bit of inner calm I have.

Now I know the solution would be to just move, but it is not that easy. I have a few problems that makes moving almost impossible while I have to live in Joburg, and I am not willing to go through the torture of house hunting in this godforsaken city again. The first time around was bad enough and I barely survived the emotional distress it caused me. My problems are:

  • I work in Joburg, so because of the cost of petrol, e-tolls (or whatever is going to happen with that) and the hours I work, it just does not pay for me to live in Pretoria.
  • I have a really convenient job, so changing jobs just at the moment is not an option
  • I refuse to pay more than a certain amount in rent, and that severely limits my options in Joburg, as everything is crazy expensive compared to Pretoria
  • I have pets, a cat and a dog. Joburg seems to hate pets and I made hundreds of calls to rental agencies, complexes and personal ads who all have a “no pets rule” and the places I went to look at that allowed pets, is not fit for wild dogs to live in

So for now I am stuck in this tiny, affordable, ok flat and I will just have to keep on rearranging furniture until I can find a better flow. I must also focus on the little problem of want vs need. If I want something, I consider it a need and that explains the massive amount of stuff I have, from kitchen goodies, to books, dvds, shoes and a million other things I probably did not need. So I will have to figure out this want vs need thing and get that under control. I might need charts … in colour… with pictures…