A not so DIY project 


I was in desperate need for more bookshelf space in a very tiny area and over the last year or so I have also been on the look-out for a nice TV unit. I have not had much luck in finding an affordable TV unit that I liked and while the search continued I just kept buying more books, making the need for more book space even more urgent. Until one day I found a very affordable, nice bookcase at Game. And it just so happens I could make it double as a TV unit. So I haul this extremely heavy, flat box of bookshelf parts into my house and then I had to unpack and shuffle 3 cabinets before I could start assembly.  


It starts out with slotting all the loose shelf planks into the side panel and then into each other, which should be extremely easy, and was, until I realised that it is the most unstable setup ever designed. So it was no surprise that half the shelf came down on my foot and leg when I accidentally bumped into it before it could be secured.


 Luckily for me, my landlord chose that exact moment to walk past my open door and after hearing the crash and my very loud choice curses, he promptly offered his assistance and my shelf was assembled in no time at all.


I just had to add some of the decorative bits, as I did not want a bland, black shelf. And with the help of some very affordable, easy to use adhesive paper, I gave my bookshelf / TV cabinet some character and I am very happy with the outcome.


So merry Christmas to me.


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