Unisa, the struggle is real


Trying to register for studying through Unisa for 2016 has been the most frustrating thing I have ever done. I have previously been registered with them for a degree in Accounting, but as my degree is being phased out, I decided to switch over to the new degree. In hindsight, I should have just carried on with the old one and saved myself all the hassle.

Firstly, Unisa implemented a new system, whereby you had to request to study with them and they will then give you approval. This I did at the end of September 2015. According to Unisa, we would all have been notified of acceptance by end of December 2015. Big surprise, they had problems with the new system and the deadline for acceptance was extended to end of January 2016. Naturally that deadline passed with loads of people’s studies still pending decision and the deadline for registrations was moved to 14 February 2016.

I finally get my approval to register on the 12th! 2 days before the third deadline. I scramble to register and pay my deposit and then I had to sit back and wait for study documents which I sort of received on Wednesday. I say sort of, as I only received 1 third of my study documents with 2 thirds being out of stock. Yay me!

My first assignment is due on Tuesday; it is for a completely online course that came with a USB that supposedly have the information on it. I have no access to the online site with the actual study information on it and despite commenting on the discussion forums (like many other students who also seem to have this problem) and emailing Unisa, I still have no access. And plugging in my Unipoole USB I was informed that nothing is accessible as I am not registered for that module. Strange then, how I still get the Unipoole for CAS1501 delivered to me and have the assignment due dates loaded under myUnisa but I am not registered.

This is going to be one tough semester seeing how Unisa took almost a third of the semester just to finalise registrations and then delay even further by not providing the  necessary study documents or portals for me to do my work. I am so upset that I am sitting here writing a blog post instead of working on the 2 other major assignments that are due within the next 2 weeks.

Gods, give me strength!

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