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Unisa, the struggle is real


Trying to register for studying through Unisa for 2016 has been the most frustrating thing I have ever done. I have previously been registered with them for a degree in Accounting, but as my degree is being phased out, I decided to switch over to the new degree. In hindsight, I should have just carried on with the old one and saved myself all the hassle.

Firstly, Unisa implemented a new system, whereby you had to request to study with them and they will then give you approval. This I did at the end of September 2015. According to Unisa, we would all have been notified of acceptance by end of December 2015. Big surprise, they had problems with the new system and the deadline for acceptance was extended to end of January 2016. Naturally that deadline passed with loads of people’s studies still pending decision and the deadline for registrations was moved to 14 February 2016.

I finally get my approval to register on the 12th! 2 days before the third deadline. I scramble to register and pay my deposit and then I had to sit back and wait for study documents which I sort of received on Wednesday. I say sort of, as I only received 1 third of my study documents with 2 thirds being out of stock. Yay me!

My first assignment is due on Tuesday; it is for a completely online course that came with a USB that supposedly have the information on it. I have no access to the online site with the actual study information on it and despite commenting on the discussion forums (like many other students who also seem to have this problem) and emailing Unisa, I still have no access. And plugging in my Unipoole USB I was informed that nothing is accessible as I am not registered for that module. Strange then, how I still get the Unipoole for CAS1501 delivered to me and have the assignment due dates loaded under myUnisa but I am not registered.

This is going to be one tough semester seeing how Unisa took almost a third of the semester just to finalise registrations and then delay even further by not providing the  necessary study documents or portals for me to do my work. I am so upset that I am sitting here writing a blog post instead of working on the 2 other major assignments that are due within the next 2 weeks.

Gods, give me strength!

Drama, drama, drama


Lately there is so much drama on our property that it feels like I am living an episode of Days of Our Lives.

It has started a couple of months ago where I realised that every time there was a do at the lapa, somebody started a fight or got out of hand and usually brought their fighting to in front of my house, which royally pisses me off as it is usually at some godforsaken time in the morning when I was already sleeping, or trying to sleep, for that matter. I think somewhere along the line, the lapa had picked up some bad juju and it is not letting go.

On top of all that, there are 2 people who live on the property going through custody disputes, and it looks like January is the month of calling police out here to stir the custody arrangements. Seriously, I do not know what is wrong with people, if they are that immature, to cause trouble and stir up shit (on both parents’s side) they have no business being parents to begin with.

Sunday morning 09:00 I get woken up with police sirens and arguing, (you guessed it, right in front of my place, again!) because the police was here being involved in yet another custody spat. I did really enjoy the part where the policeman was shitting out both parents for their crappy parenting and upsetting their kids by calling the police on each other because they are immature and full of crap. In fact, I think these people should be fined for wasting police resources and just for being crap human beings.

So, because I hate all these dramas and having my peace disrupted by others, I started looking for another place to stay. Sadly, that just reminded me on how horrible the places available to rent are in my price range. I think all this actually happened for a reason as I have now decided it is time to buy my own place.

I have always put ff buying a property saying “I’m not settled in my life yet and don’t want to be tied down by a property and a bond” but actually, now I think I should just buy a place and then build my life around it. I do not know where I want to buy, but I have a very clear idea of what I want, I only have to make sure that I can find that in my price range (once I establish one, that is).

For now, I am going to focus on saving money. I will have to cut down on my frivolous spending and on some of the unnecessary luxuries I love so much, but I think in the end, having my own place that I can change and decorate exactly as I want to, will be worth it.

A not so DIY project 


I was in desperate need for more bookshelf space in a very tiny area and over the last year or so I have also been on the look-out for a nice TV unit. I have not had much luck in finding an affordable TV unit that I liked and while the search continued I just kept buying more books, making the need for more book space even more urgent. Until one day I found a very affordable, nice bookcase at Game. And it just so happens I could make it double as a TV unit. So I haul this extremely heavy, flat box of bookshelf parts into my house and then I had to unpack and shuffle 3 cabinets before I could start assembly.  


It starts out with slotting all the loose shelf planks into the side panel and then into each other, which should be extremely easy, and was, until I realised that it is the most unstable setup ever designed. So it was no surprise that half the shelf came down on my foot and leg when I accidentally bumped into it before it could be secured.


 Luckily for me, my landlord chose that exact moment to walk past my open door and after hearing the crash and my very loud choice curses, he promptly offered his assistance and my shelf was assembled in no time at all.


I just had to add some of the decorative bits, as I did not want a bland, black shelf. And with the help of some very affordable, easy to use adhesive paper, I gave my bookshelf / TV cabinet some character and I am very happy with the outcome.


So merry Christmas to me.


A moviecation


Over the last couple of days I have watched a bunch of movies to fill the gap in my moviecation. I’ve bought this lovely book last year, (picked mainly because of the beautiful photo of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly on the back cover) to help me catch up on the great movies I have not seen yet (Plus, I really do not need any encouragement to buy a new book).


This list of unseen movies is surprisingly long, but a whole bunch of my favourite movies also feature in this book, so I am slowly trying to make my way through all the movies in it. This also means rewatching all the movies I’ve seen before and paying attention to the synopsis of what made this movie great according to the critics who compiled this book. 

Towards the end of last year, I had for the first time in my life watched a Star Wars movie, Episode IV (as that is the one movie of the Star Wars series that made it into the book). It was really good and I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The special effects, although dated, was still very acceptable to me and the movie still worked, even after all the years since its first release. 

So, naturally, that meant that I would have to watch the rest of the movies in the series as well. I really liked the older episodes, IV, V and VI, but did not like the new ones as much, even though it did a really good job of filling in the back end of the story. To me, it just missed something that the old movies have, even though I cannot put my finger on it. I think a lot of it also has to do with the fact that I really dislike Anakin Skywalker, which I suppose you are meant to do as he does become the despised Dark Lord after all. The fact that Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan is totally delicious, (When is Ewan and that voice and accent of his not completely fabulous?) got me through all the movies. 

Is it just me or are the sounds made by Chewbacca and the rest of the Wookiees really sad? Makes me think of unhappy or sick puppies 😦  

Next up on my to watch list is the Back to the Future, Terminator and Harry Potter movie series

Everything is so crowded


I live in this very, very small flat. I have been living here going on 2 years now and the space is getting smaller and more suffocating as the months go by. I have been “reorganising” it basically since I moved in here, and after spending about 4 hours on Saturday, rearranging and shuffling my lounge furniture around, I have a half-way decent lay-out, which I am pretty sure I will be sick off in a couple of months.


This is just the lounge bit, behind the couch is a massive mess of disarray and thing that just does not want to fit into the space. I have already gotten rid of my dining room table and had moved my glass outside table inside, as our massive hail storms almost destroyed it one time, but I can just not get my space into any comfortable, flowing area. It’s very frustrating and fucking up the little bit of inner calm I have.

Now I know the solution would be to just move, but it is not that easy. I have a few problems that makes moving almost impossible while I have to live in Joburg, and I am not willing to go through the torture of house hunting in this godforsaken city again. The first time around was bad enough and I barely survived the emotional distress it caused me. My problems are:

  • I work in Joburg, so because of the cost of petrol, e-tolls (or whatever is going to happen with that) and the hours I work, it just does not pay for me to live in Pretoria.
  • I have a really convenient job, so changing jobs just at the moment is not an option
  • I refuse to pay more than a certain amount in rent, and that severely limits my options in Joburg, as everything is crazy expensive compared to Pretoria
  • I have pets, a cat and a dog. Joburg seems to hate pets and I made hundreds of calls to rental agencies, complexes and personal ads who all have a “no pets rule” and the places I went to look at that allowed pets, is not fit for wild dogs to live in

So for now I am stuck in this tiny, affordable, ok flat and I will just have to keep on rearranging furniture until I can find a better flow. I must also focus on the little problem of want vs need. If I want something, I consider it a need and that explains the massive amount of stuff I have, from kitchen goodies, to books, dvds, shoes and a million other things I probably did not need. So I will have to figure out this want vs need thing and get that under control. I might need charts … in colour… with pictures…