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Drama, drama, drama


Lately there is so much drama on our property that it feels like I am living an episode of Days of Our Lives.

It has started a couple of months ago where I realised that every time there was a do at the lapa, somebody started a fight or got out of hand and usually brought their fighting to in front of my house, which royally pisses me off as it is usually at some godforsaken time in the morning when I was already sleeping, or trying to sleep, for that matter. I think somewhere along the line, the lapa had picked up some bad juju and it is not letting go.

On top of all that, there are 2 people who live on the property going through custody disputes, and it looks like January is the month of calling police out here to stir the custody arrangements. Seriously, I do not know what is wrong with people, if they are that immature, to cause trouble and stir up shit (on both parents’s side) they have no business being parents to begin with.

Sunday morning 09:00 I get woken up with police sirens and arguing, (you guessed it, right in front of my place, again!) because the police was here being involved in yet another custody spat. I did really enjoy the part where the policeman was shitting out both parents for their crappy parenting and upsetting their kids by calling the police on each other because they are immature and full of crap. In fact, I think these people should be fined for wasting police resources and just for being crap human beings.

So, because I hate all these dramas and having my peace disrupted by others, I started looking for another place to stay. Sadly, that just reminded me on how horrible the places available to rent are in my price range. I think all this actually happened for a reason as I have now decided it is time to buy my own place.

I have always put ff buying a property saying “I’m not settled in my life yet and don’t want to be tied down by a property and a bond” but actually, now I think I should just buy a place and then build my life around it. I do not know where I want to buy, but I have a very clear idea of what I want, I only have to make sure that I can find that in my price range (once I establish one, that is).

For now, I am going to focus on saving money. I will have to cut down on my frivolous spending and on some of the unnecessary luxuries I love so much, but I think in the end, having my own place that I can change and decorate exactly as I want to, will be worth it.