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The children of others


Besides the fact that my flat is extremely tiny and crowded, I have actually been content staying where I am, until all the kids came along, that is. When I first moved in one of the landlords had 2 kids, but thankfully (for me, not for him) just about 3 months after I moved in his wife left him and took the kids with her. And there was quiet, except for every 2nd weekend but I could totally deal with that.

Then about 3 months ago everything changed. Someone with 2 kids moved onto the property. Firstly, the mother is more than anyone can handle, complaining about how she doesn’t have money for anything and how horrible her life was with the man she has been living with for 15 years just for the money (words straight out of her and her kids mouths) and all she can talk is her church which she joined since being kicked out by the guy. Her kids have no manners and are of below normal intelligence, the 4 year old on this property is smarter and better behaved than those two (who are 7 and 13 years old). And even though I dislike most kids, it is so much worse when they are fucking rude and stupid.

Besides all the noise constantly, they think it is awesome to come “visit” me every damn day. I managed to get the 7 year old out of my house, by going insane on her when I woke up and found her standing in my bedroom: It was a crazy night at work and I only got home at 4am in the morning. Then as is my habit, I woke up at about 8am and let the doglet out for piddles, left my front door open for some fresh air and then went back to sleep. Now from when they moved in here I have been shouting at her for just walking into my house without knocking, but that morning when I woke up with her standing in my room right next to my I just completely lost it. I shouted and swore at her to get out and not come back as she is not welcome here. Since then, she has kept her distance.

The older girl however, is just not getting the message. She comes around every day with some boring story of woe or to watch TV as they do not have a TV at their place. It is so bad that come 5pm I have to close up everything and pretend I’m not home just to avoid her, or her mother who also just pops in. I do not know what I am going to do come the start of the December holidays.

Another thing about them that irks me is that they came here with 2 dogs, assured the landlord they are sterilised, and whoops a few weeks later the one dog is pregnant. Also, these dogs have no manners and they spend all night and day barking and whenever I take my doglet outside, their male dog tries to attack her. Since they have moved in here, they have also acquired fish, hamsters and 2 cats, but they have “no money”. People like that really irritates the shits out of me.

But the reason I am writing about all this is to give a bit of background on the main story I want to get at:

Last night my friend and neighbour with the 4 year old child put up her Chistmas tree and lights for her daughter. The next thing she is being told she is causing household problems because fuckwit neighbour cannot afford Christmas decorations and things for her kids, so she is making her look bad by having Christmas! Can you believe the insanity?!?!?!?!

While I have lost my Christmas spirit over the last years, I thought I have to do something about this shit, so I decided to put up my little christmas trees and lights as well, right where you can see it from my front door. Now just let anyone say anything about that!